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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have confirmed that the new blog is now officially opened.

Name of blog: Anime-Baka.blogspot.com

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Moving to a new blog area. Announcement will be made soon.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Due to the fasting month and my playing of World of Warcraft, I delayed my posting of this entry of the..

Singapore Games Convention

So I want to say Im truly sorry for the delay..

So for a start lets begin at Queenstown MRT station with the glitchy LED board.. Anyway, from there we took the train straight to City Hall MRT station..

When we reached the Suntec Convention Centre, we were delighted to go to the Games Convention..

When we first entered the Convention, we were speechless to see so many new games brought by Electronic Arts (EA).. The thing is these games aren't released on the market yet..

So enjoy some of these pics of games shown by EA..

Then theres a Singapore distributor for international online games.. Its called Cherry Credits.. The games that they are about to release the game cards are Tricksters, BOTS, 9 Dragons, Lineage 2..

And we cant forget the company that brought super mouses; "Razer"..

There was also AsiaSoft.. Boring games truly...

Playstation, they rought alot of Playstation games, and also new ones too such as Tekken 5.. Best fighting game for now..

Then theres the online aircraft game, Warhawk.. The detail of the game and the smoothness of the airplane excite me..

In every convention, we wont go home empty handed.. This is what we got.. A nice Razer bag...

Whats inside??

A lot of game posters.. 2 Razer dog tags, a face tatoo sticker and 2 stickers from Razers and of course the Cherry Cradits' clocks my bro won during the convention..

But what I won is the experience of playing the unrealesed games there..

Next Up: GEMs selection..

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Its been 2 weeks since the school semester ended.. So me, Benn, Amirul, Benjamin and JJ decided to organise a class bbq at East Coast Park..

So I went with my water dispenser to Amirul's house at 9am..

So we start to pack every item needed for the bbq..

Amirul and Benn make the pasta which is totally delicious..

So after finish cooking pasta and packing up the items we headed to East Coast Park.. We took a taxi there since we cant possibly take all the heavy items there by train and bus..

Prob is we came very early to the BBQ pit.. So Benn decided to sleep for awhile till Alex and Jaye arrived later on..

We waited while Benn slept on for Jaye and Alex came.. Only after then we started our bbq.. Took 1 hour to totally start cooking..

Jac, JJ, Benjamin, Shawn, Genie and Chilli came later but by then the food were ready to be eaten..

And who doesnt say our bbqed food are delicious..

Especially Jac who KS some of them.. The master of KSing ok..

We BBQed till almost late at night.. Kero came at about 7pm.. We scolded hi for being very very late..

Another problem arise when we ran out of charcoal.. It took some of us almost an hour to buy charcoal from "7 eleven"... The new charcoal looks so different than what we originally bought..

But at least the smoke is bigger than before.. JJ fanned the hot coal so that the fire can be started..

Anyway, me, Amirul, JJ, Jac, Benjamin and Benn ended the bbq early cause we had to go home early since me, Benn, Benjamin and Amirul lived at the West side of Singapore..

Dont noe what happen to the rest but overall the BBQ was awesome.. Hope theres more in the future..

Next Up: Singapore Game Convention

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Finally I can blog about my

Groom My Roomz ( Fariz Edition )

It started last Monday and it took about 3 days since there are 3 rooms to do.. So we started on me and my bro's room..

The room's colour was getting dull for my type and so I decided to go ask my father to buy for us a brighter colour..

Our dad got us a "Latte" colour.. Sort of the bright brown colour.. He also bought emulsion paint to paint the ceiling.. So he bought so many tins just in case we dont run out..

So we cleaned almost in the room and shifted those in the living room and the dining room.. The only thing that we didnt bring out are the cupboard, the study table and the bed since those are too bulky..

We felt abit relieved since the room feel empty and we can start painting the room..

So we started painting the ceiling with the emulsion paint.. My bro was having prob as the paint kept dripping on him once in awhile..

We finished it in 3 hours since we have space constraints due to the blockage of the bed, the study table and the cupboard..

We finished the painting after that but by then it was almost late at night..

So we called in the McDelivery.. It took about 1 hour for the delivery to arrive..

Drinks was alright and the burgers was as delicious as always..

Worst of it is that I have to sleep at the living room since my room isnt complete..

Other than that I wished my room was finished..


Next day, I went all out to paint my room completely.. Started at 8am without eating breakfast..

Completed within 2 hours at top speeed.. Looks cool as my dad helps painting the dark brown at my shelf area..

So we took an hour to put back the items back to their original places..

Finally the shelf looks beautiful..

Now we after that we had to paint my elder bro's room.. But hes still sleeping..

We did as soon as possible so that we can move all his things back which was causing a bit of stress to everyone..

The problems when you are painting your rooms for Hari Raya...

Next Up: Comex

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Exam is over.. The math exam was a demoralizing one.. But I think everyone can make it for next semester..

Anyway, other than just studying for exam, we also have time to rest up.. No point studying 24/7 and pass out..

Benn organised a jamming of him playing his drum.. He booked for one hour to relax.. Before that we were studying for our Network Infrastructure exam..

Other than that we also got a chance to see Benn play with his skateboard.. Problem is, he chose the skating park at Bedok.. Good news is that the skating park is damn big..

Benn showed us some of the moves he learned online, especially youtube..

And of course I went along to meet with Jac.. Its been about half a yr since I met him face-2-face.. At least he still remembers me as a paparazzi of the class..

I now started playing WoW to prevent myself from being totally bored.. Hope I have enough to buy Burning Crusade and the Wrath of The Lich King...

Next Up: Heroes World Tour..

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Friday, August 17, 2007

I saw this movie at youtube and wanted to show it to you all.. See it before continuing..

Its called "1-18-08" on Apple Trailer Website.. On youtube and Veoh it is called Cloverfield for I dunno what reason..

The only thing I noe about the movie is that it is produced by the Bad Robots Industries..

And its own by the great JJ Abrams..

The one that created the LOST series.. Good show but took a long time to reveal a plot..

Anyway about the movie.. Alot of speculations pop up on the internet..

Heres the List of What they think the movie is:

1) Some Power Ranger movie

2) Big Gorilla which now can swim..

3) Some Alien thing which resembles the robots in War of The World

4) The Japanese fav, "Godzilla"

But what confused me is the Liberty Head thrown by the unknown being onto the street.. Its just freaking small.. Too small perhaps..

Even movies like the old-school "Escape From LA", the Liberty Head looks much bigger than that..

Its either they are too tired to do it big or its something the monster can do.. At least the trailer brings in the suspense and I give it 2 thumbs up..


My good friend Benn just bought a skateboard from Queensway Shopping Centre..

Congratz dude.. At least he got it cheap for about $99.. It looks nice too and come with two stickers..

Anyway, why the sudden pick up on new hobby??

Well, who doesnt right.. At least he has high hopes to become like Tony Hawk..

Well, who knows, dreams may come true for anyone who dream big and work hard..

Next Up: Exam Over... Now What??

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